Bulk SMS 2 India a trade name of Amsoft is one of the leading company in India, provides online marketing solution for business. We have been continuously delivering products to our clients based on latest technology. We help clients to exploit the latest innovations in technology and efficiently scale their businesses to meet the challenges of the new economy.

Opt-In Policy

How do i Opt-In?

You can Opt-In to Bulk SMS 2 India by simply sending query form the website. Our Clients also bound to this policy to send text message and email to their clients and others.

The email/SMS lists we are selling are all opt-in.

How Do I Opt-Out?

You can opt-out of receiving messages and mails from Bulk SMS 2 India by sending mail to

Please note that some messages like the Sign Up Verification Code are considered as 'Transactional' and do not require Opting-In.

We reserve the right to modify this opt-in policy at any time. We recommend that you check back frequently for the changes.

This policy guards against the possibility that a Textme user sent a message to a Non-DND number without their permission.

Client's rights to both privacy and security is a major concern issue. Below are the guidelines that we use to protect your personal information. Please read the following statements carefully before proceeding.


In able to provide the services to our clients, we, Bulk SMS 2 India will only collect, store and use your personal information for specific purposes. We only use your personal information to support and enhance our relationship with you, and for other legitimate reasons described by the law. Your personal information is ensured by us, for we do not disclose, or sell your information; we only share your personal information outside Bulk SMS 2 India with your consent, as required by the law or with companies that help Bulk SMS 2 India to fulfill it's obligations with you, and only with partners who share Bulk SMS 2 India's commitment in protecting your privacy and personal information or data. Clients are welcome to give us, Bulk SMS 2 India's call center with any questions or concerns regarding your privacy and data security or request, as appropriate in making a correction or deletion. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality for our client's personal information.



Bulk SMS 2 India only collect personal information which are necessary from our clients. By providing efficient and complete information about you enable us to process your request and provide services needed to you. This will also help us to enhance your site visit, respond to requests for information, support our client relationship, and enable to assist you with technical support issues and to follow up with you after your visit.

When Bulk SMS 2 India is able to collect your personal information from you:

  • When you register on any domain name(s) and/ or website(s) that are registered to or on behalf of the company from time to time.
  • When you request a proposal for products and/ or services
  • Whenever you place an order for products and/ or services
  • When filling out a support request or requesting telephone technical support services
  • Provide feedback in an online survey
  • Participating in promotional offers
  • When subscribing to a newsletter or a mailing services

In each of the instances above, we may ask for your full name, current address, contact number, occupation, industry, transactional information and such as your preferences, customer number, credit card information and other bank details, referrals, and other information that is needed to process your purchase, requested services or to register you or to subscribe you to services and offers.



  • To process your purchase or providing requested services from you
  • To fulfill requests for products and services
  • To improve our products and services via feedback: and to contact you
  • Newsletters, mailing lists, requests for more information

The information that you provide to us will be kept confidentially and is collected and processed for the general purposes and legitimate purposes described by the applicable law.


Upon the request and within 30 days we will inform you about the type of personal information that we hold about you, the purposes and reasons for which we hold it and the possible recipients or types of recipients. Upon written request and within a reasonable period of time we will also correct, delete and/ or block personal information from further processing if that information proves to be factually inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant to the purpose(s) of the process.



Please be aware that other websites including sites that may be accessed through our site, e.g., via a hyperlink, may collect personally identifiable information about you. This PRIVACY POLICY statement does not cover the information practices of those third- party websites linked to any of our websites or any other sites.



  • The information are used for some online applications, but every request to access and/ or change those copies is both logged and reviewed by our Bulk SMS 2 India staffs.
  • Our software applications are written to not be vulnerable to standard hacks like SQL injection.
  • Access to personal information (e.g information about individuals) requires at least a user ID and a password.
  • It is not technologically possible to absolutely guarantee the security of data stored in a computer.

Our goal is to make unauthorized or malicious access both difficult and detectable. +

If you have more question regarding the privacy policy statements please Contact at: